What happens after booking: 

Once you choose your service and pre-pay on our online reservation system, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details.


Please look out for our emails and texts 1 day before the trip. It is important you provide us an active phone number. We are also on Whatsapp for your added convenience. 


Your driver will have his passenger list until 1 day before the tour. Only contact him 1 day before. He will not have further details regarding the passengers until then. Contact our office for inquiries via (646) 350-4986


Your confirmation email will ask you to contact your driver 1 day before. His contact information will be in the email. Please await a response from your driver in the afternoon. He/she will issue your exact pickup time based on your address. 


The exact pickup time is issued to inform you when the driver will be in  front of your hotel, residential building or train station. BE CONSIDERATE TO THE DRIVER AND FELLOW PASSENGERS BY BEING ON TIME. Remember that the tours at Bethel are scheduled at a specific time.


Please do not go back into the hotel room, lobby, restroom or neighboring businesses at the time you are scheduled to be picked up. You must be ouside ready for boarding. If you are not ready for pickup, you may be left behind. We have a no-refund policy. So please, be on time so you don´t miss your ride to Bethel. 


Add our contact phone number to your Whatsapp contacts (646) 350-4986


Once you are onboard, there is a 1-2 hour travel time to Bethel. 


Upon arrival at the branches, your driver will assist the group by guiding them to the front desk to check in and get your Bethel tour appointment tickets ready. 


Your driver will tell you what time to be ready to board the vehicle to proceed with the scheduled itinerary. Please return on time in order to keep everyone in the group on schedule. 


Please contact our office with inquiries about the services and billing. The drivers do not have these details and any updates to addresses or contact information must be communicated to our online agency. 


When you arrive at Bethel, you will take a guided or self-guided tour. Please follow all instructions given by the Bethel tour desk. The tours are free and all bethelites are providing these services as volunteers. Please be cooperative. 


Not sure what to wear on the day of the Bethel Tours? Please consult the Dress and Grooming brochure available in your local Kingdom Hall. 


Your driver will drop you off at the same place he picked you up. Please do not bring luggage onboard, as there will be limited room, and we do not accomodate alternative addresses for drop off. It is a round trip service to and from the SAME location. 


Please take care of your health. WE HIGHLY DISCOURAGE PASSENGERS FROM TAKING OUR SERVICES WITHOUT A PROPER NIGHT REST. We do not pickup passengers at airports or train stations with luggage. Please make sure you are healthy enough to travel sitting for prolonged periods of time. MAKE SURE YOU BRING ALL YOUR NECESSARY MEDICATIONS.


ALL passengers have made special efforts to come to New York City and visit the Bethel branches while here. Be responsive to our communications, be respectful of others personal property and their time by keeping on schedule. All of this will insure better service for everyone. Remember, we all want to have a wonderful experience while visiting as a group. 


if you are placed on a waiting list...

If you choose a date that is only available via waiting list, you will not be charged to send the request. If a seat(s) become avilable to accomodate your request, you will be notified that your reservation is confirmed and an electronic invoice will be sent to your inbox. Please use the invoice to settle your balance online. All services are pre-paid and must be made online. The invoice is active for 5 business days only. If no payment is received, the order will be cancelled and issued to the next in waiting. 

If you have transportation and no longer require our services, please notifity us to and we will remove you from the list to help accomodate other travelers still in need of transportation. 

If you cancel your pre-paid services...

In the event that you have to cancel, please email us your request to 


Order cancellation notifications will be emailed to the e-mail address you provide on your order. 

Our services are non-refundable. You can reschedule your travel dates to a future date. There are no added fees or costs to change the date of your transportation services. Please contact us at least 24 hours before. 

we look forward to seeing you soon!